Dear Family,

So, I am in the library right now and there are signs everywhere that say "¡Silencio!" Haha. I don't know why that really makes me laugh, but I kind of think it is hilarious. I guess because it is just so stereotypical library and I've never really experienced that before. When we were talking to the lady at the desk for permission to use the computers there were some people talking behind us and she does this huge "SHHHHH!" Haha. I could hardly contain myself. In Spanish, the "shh" people differently. It is actually just an "Ssss" sound, which is interesting.

This week was a good week. We are doing a lot of work and still trying to figure out who the members are and all that good stuff. Basically all the baptisimal dates we had from the Elders we were replacing (3 dates) fell through, because we can't get ahold of anyone and when we go over to their house they aren't there, so they aren't progressing anymore. That is kind of a bummer, but we are meeting new people to teach everyday.

Yesterday was an especially exciting story. We had an investigator this week that we met at "Amigo," a grocery store (we go to Amigo to make amigoes. That is, we go to the store and make contacts in the parking lot. Haha. We just think that is so funny). Anyway, we met Charity selling Lotto outside the door of Amigo last Sunday and she was really excited to learn more about the gospel, so we went to her house on Tuesday and taught her the first lesson, and she was really excited and wanted to come to church and wanted to read the Book of Mormon and pray and be baptized, and we were just like "Wow! What is this?" We were pretty excited, but a little hesitant at the same time. We had a return apppointment and brought a member with us, and she was there but was busy and couldn't have the lesson. We made another return appointment, but when we arrived, she "wasn't there." (The adult daughter told us she was gone, but my companion says she heard her voice before we knocked.) It is frustrating becuase we call her to confirm appointments, but she is never there. So, yesterday we decided to knock doors on her street to stop by unexpectedly to see if we could catch her off guard. Haha. Anyway, she wasn't there for reals, but be continued knocking and found a girl a couple houses down who was really interested in the gospel and we taught her the first lesson right on her doorstep. Her name is Patricia. I am really excited because she seemed really genuinely interested. Unfortunately, she is in High School and having finals right now, so doesn't want us to return until December 20, but I really think that she wants the gospel and wants to learn more. Awesome! It is good to see that even though it feels like we got turned down (by Charity) the Lord was really just leading us the Patricia.

We have lots of interesting stories about knocking doors this week. Since it is pretty hot here, people answer the door in all states of undress. Men have their shirts on probably less than 40% of the time, and women are often wearing as little as possible. We met a topless woman this week ("Oh, just let me go and get my blouse") (!), and a woman without pants (she was kind of hiding behind the wall. haha). So, that is always interesting. Oh, and the best one is that we called at this one house and we could hear the shower, and when we called "Buenas Tardes!" she yells back at us "No puedo pagar! Estoy bañandome!" Haha! We just died.
So, we are on Atlantic time, which means we are 3 hours East of Utah. So, last night was the Christmas devotional, and I thought we wouldn't be able to go, because it was at 9pm, and I was really sad! But, then we found out we could go, and I'm so happy I could, because the music was awesome. I didn't really understand the talks because they were in Spanish (could you maybe send me a copy, if they're available?), but I just loved the music. Wow. Handel was an inspired musician (he did write a Largo that they used in Pride and Prejudice, so what more can I say about his talents? haha). Seriously though, Handel was an inspired musician and Isaiah was an inspired prophet, so when you mix these two together you get an absolutley beautiful work of art. I LOVE the Messiah. My companion thought it was funny that they went up and down so much (singing), but I loved it. Also, seeing as my favorite Christmas song is "O Holy Night," I was overjoyed that they sang that one too. I really liked it. And Silent Night was so calm and peaceful; it was a great song to end the night. I also like the other one, "How far is it to Bethlehem," I think, but it wasn't as amazing as the ones before. I never thought I would say this, but I think I miss Utah. I would have loved to have gone to the Devotional last night in the Conference Center, but it was great here too (maybe better if I could have understood it...:)).

The president has certain goals for us as far as finding people every day. We are asked to knock doors for 2 hours everyday, and make 20 "unplanned" contacts, which means, any invitation we make when we're not knocking doors. This is what we're doing when we ask people for directions, or when we go to Amigo to make amigoes. The other day we were behind on our contacts for one reason or another, and so our goal had changed from 20 to 51, which is a lot of unplanned contacts. But, we worked hard, and Lord blessed us! We met a lot of people that day and actually got a lot of contact information, which is awesome. We got 51 contacts, and my companion says that is the most she has gotten her entire mission in one day.

One story from the day of 51 contacts: We decided to walk into this corner store to "ask directions," right? and we contacted some people who were shopping and we met this one man who had a little daughter with him (adorable little girl), and he was very interested in our message. Unfortunately, he was in another area, so we have to pass his info. on to other missionaries, but it just shows me that when we have worthy goals and when we work hard, the Lord will bless us to find the people who are ready to hear our message.

Also on the day of 51 contacts, was my companion's 1 year birthday; she entered the MTC a year ago, so we decided we were going to buy biscocho (cakes) and celebrate. So, we went to this pandaneria to buy them and we met a man we had contacted one of my first days here, and he was really nice and gave us a discount on the pastries. He had a son that I remember meeting whose name is Saul, and I'm really excited that we "ran into" him again because I know that they are ready for the gospel, he just doesn't know it yet. Haha. So, we are going to keep going to the Pananeria and become friends with him and try to get an appointment to talk to his family more about the gospel. It is awesome to see the little ways the Lord blesses you to "run into" the people who are ready for your message.

One last story about "running into" people. We were calling at a member's house the other day (last Tuesday, I think) and they weren't home, but a lady walks by with 4 dogs, walking them. We ask her if she knows the people living there, and she says to us (in English with a German accent) "Yeah; they're members. I'm a member too." Hmm. But we hadn't met her at church that day. I was so flabergasted to be speaking in English that I forgot to ask her where she lives, so we chatted and then her dogs pulled her away. I was talking to my companion after wards, and she's like "Ahh! You should have asked her address!" I was sad. Anyway, this was the night of our first appointment with Charity, who lives close-ish to the member's house. We went over the Charity's house after our meeting with Ilsa (the English-speaking dog walker) and what do you know? We ran into Ilsa again! I asked her address this time, and she went on walking the dogs and we went to teach the lesson. A couple days ago we went to meet Ilsa at her home, and we were knocking on the wrong door and she came walking by again, and she only cam back to her house so soon because one of the dogs was ready to come home early. Ilsa has an interesting story, but I don't have time right now. I just know that we were meant to meet Ilsa, (we "ran into" her 3 times) and that we will help her somehow. It is cool to see the spirit leading us to where we need to be. We don't really feel any real strong impressions, but we always seem to be where we need to be. The spirit really does guide us, and I love it!

Thanks for all the support, I can really feel everyone's love.

Hermana Miller

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