Dear Family and friends,

This week was a great week. First of all, one of our investigators came to church, which is so great! I was so happy to see him there. His name is Joshua and he is a referal from a member. The member is this older woman who baptized 11 years ago and her entire family too. It is really cool actually, she was a referal from another family member, and then she went on to refer more family members. It is just a happy missionary success story. Anyway. We went to visit her last week with the intent for asking for referals, and miracle of miracles, she actually gave us one. Well, not one, but two! She lives in the Residencial, which is like government sponsored housing, and a ton of the kids that live there too go and visit her all the time because their parents are not at home a lot. So she has these two friends, Leonal (age 15) and Joshua (age 14) that she is determined to send on missions. She gave us their names and we were going to contact them. But before we were back in the area to contact them, we called her for another reason and she informed us that she had set up an appointment for the first lesson in her house. Awesome! It was just so exciting. So we taught them, and they were so good. They were really receptive to the message and seemed to really understand it too. We invited them to church, of course, and Joshua was there yesterday, which was just so exciting. It is the first time an investigator has come to church, so I was very happy.

In other investigator news, Genesis is progressing nicely. She is our 13-year-old investigator. She is reading the Book of Mormon and gaining a testimony. She says that she reads the Book of Mormon with her mom in the car, which is really exciting to hear. We still haven't taught her mother, but we plan to eventually. She works in a pharmacy and so she has a crazy schedule. This week we planned on seeing her, but apparently there was a robbery at the pharmacy or something, so she had to work. We have kind of been waiting around to go on to the second lesson until we can do the first lesson with her mother, but we have decided it is time to move on, because we don't want to bore Genesis with the same lesson every time we pass. She is definitely ready for lesson 2. She understands the restoration of the Gospel and it is awesome. The only problem is that she hasn't come to church yet, but we're working on that. She doesn't really have a lot of control over that because she is only 13 and can't drive, but we're working on it.

We got a referal this week for Adrian...the guy that we taught on Christmas day. Apparently he called in to receive the Joy to the World DVD. I felt so bad because he called in on 26 Dec. to receive it and we just got notice this week. He told us that he thought they had gotten the address wrong because the guy who answered the phone was like "What? What?," like he couldn't understand him. Which, quite frankly, is quite probable (that the guy who answered the phone didn't understand him), seeing as those calls go to the MTC and missionaries learning Spanish answer them. Haha. Then you throw the Puerto Rican accent in there, and it is just hopeless. But, we made it to him again and we watched "Finding Faith in Christ." It was good. He liked it too, and just as we were leaving, another one of his daughter's arrived and said she was interested. Unfortunately, she and her husband don't live in our area, but we're giving their referal to the sisters in the area next door to us.

Also, this week we went to the playa! It was awesome! (See attached photos...:) ). We went to the beach in Levittown, which is where we saw the ocean the other time when we got lost. It was so pretty! It was a windy/rainy-ish day, so the water was apparently not as blue as it usually is, but compared to Lake Erie, it was quite lovely. First we went to this rocky area where there was a sign warning us of possible tsunamis and took some pictures. I will try to attach some good ones. We tried to do some jumping pictures, but the timing was difficult. Then, we went to a sandy area and collected seashells and took pictures. It was just a lovely afternoon. Apparently there is a zone activity today, going to the beach in Dorado (which is where Ricky Martin lives, by-the-way), so we might go there too. We're not sure though because we're doing another exchange today. I will be working in Toa Baja tonight, which is right next door to Caparra.

I had exciting food adventures this week too. We were in the Grocer's last monday and I saw these little hairy ball things, and so naturally, I point them out and act disgusted. Hermana Lopez gets all excited and buys about 12 of them and insists that I will try them. They are called Rambutans or (in El Salvador) Mamoncillos Peludos. The Peludos part is there because it means there is a lot of hair on them. So, what you do is break open the skin with your nail and out pops this slimey thing that looks like an eye-ball. Seriously. It looks really gross, but it tastes really good. It tastes kind of like a grape, but sweeter. And you know how I like sweet. So, it turned out the nasty fruit turned out to be delicious. I hope they sell them in the US so I can show you all one day.

Also, we went to a member's house to paint and she showed us her backyard. It is like a jungle. There is this huge mango tree and a ton of palms and lots of tropical fruit. She has caƱa too, which is sugar cane. Hermana Lopez got really excited when she saw this too, so we got to try it. First you have to cut it into a smaller piece (it comes in 6 or 7 foot poles) and then you have to skin it. All this is done with a machete (sp?). It was kind of cool to see this sweet little sister using a machete. Anyway, then you can eat it like a big peppermint stick or cut it into smaller pieces, like celery sticks. You chew it and suck it and then you spit it out. Surprisingly, it is not that sweet. It is still pretty tasty though.

That is about all the time I have this week. I look forward to trying more exciting foods and seeing more beaches and inviting more investigators to Sacrament meeting. :)

Hermana Miller

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