Or, at least off to see Puerto Rico. That's right; I'm getting transferred! We are actually both getting transferred. How sad! They are taking Sisters out of Caparra. You should have seen the response in Relief Society when we told everyone we were leaving. Everyone was all in uproar. Haha. It is nice to know we are loved. We made a lot of visits yesterday to people to say goodbye and such, and there were definitely some tears (not from us, although we are definitely sad to leave the place). I am going to miss this ward so much! The people here are awesome, and I really feel like they are my family. I feel like I have found some extra mothers and grandmothers here and I'm going to miss them tons.

I am definitely going to miss our investigators too. Carolina and her son Cristian are now in the hands of the Elders in our ward, and that makes me sad. Carolina continues to face trials and difficulties, but also continues to stay strong. She found out this week she has to be out of her apartment within the next month, for one reason or another. She had just looked at a new apartment and was walking down the street and someone held her up and took her handbag and her phone. We went to visit her and we're like "How have you been?" Carolina is really cool and calm and doesn't over-react about things and she said "Well, I don't feel so good because someone assaulted me today." And for a second, we just kind of sat there, making sure we understood it right, and she told us they took her phone and her handbag, which had lots of important papers because earlier that day she had gone to do something with the government, so she lost her SS card and all her identification etc. It is absolutely amazing what Satan is throwing at her. I almost feel bad for kind of bringing it on to her, but she knows that she has the truth and is still fighting for it. We went over to her house last night with the Elders to tell her we were leaving and she told us they were going to miss us. She says Cristian is always saying "The Sisters haven't come recently, mom!" and he is always excited when we come. Oh, he is so cute! I'm going to miss them tons. After the Elders left, Carolina asked if even though Cristian wasn't born in the church if he could be a missionary too when he grew up, and we're like "Of course!" She was very excied to hear that. I just love her so much! And I'm so sad the Elders are taking over. We can't even see her baptism, or help her as a recent convert. I am just so, so sad. We took pictures with them and I'll attach them. Cristian sings Follow the Prophet all the time. I just love him too. He is the sweetest little thang.

Another investigator we're sad to leave is also someone we toc-ed into, last week. Her name is Raysa. She is amazing. So humble too, and so ready to learn. She is from the DR and was really sad to hear we were going. We left her a Book of Mormon last week and assigned her a chapter to read. When we came back, she had read the chapter, and the introduction and the testimonies and everything. The book we gave her had the testimony of a member in it, and it really touched her heart. I know that she is going to accept the gospel as the Elders continue to teach her and that her life is going to change and improve through the gospl. She has two really cute little kids too. At first I thought one of them was called Hedwig (which would have been awesome), but alas, it is Herber.

It was sad to say goodbye to all the members on Sunday and Monday and we're really going to miss them, but that is just part of the mission, right? We have to move and go meet new awesome investigators and members. I'm mostly just sad that we are both going. We have worked in this area for 3 transfers, and we had a really good hold on it finally, and now they're kicking us out. I opened this area with Hermana Lopez and I really do just feel like it is my home, and now we lose it. Anyway. I can't think about it anymore. The investigators are strong and are going to continue strong in the gospel too. I'm sad to get a new companion too, but it'll just be a new opportunity to learn new things.

I love you all! I'll let you know next week where I am and what the area is like and all that good stuff.

Sister Miller.

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