Dear Family,

Love and kisses to all. I love you so much and loved hearing from you this week. It sounds like you're all having buckets of fun, what with babies, cousin visits, housing changes (and renovations), and trips to see the "very touristy Primary children's". I really do love hearing about all your goings-on and look forward to hearing about "your trip across the world" too.

This week in Utuado was a good one (what's new?...I'm a missionary. It is going to be good every week). The wonderful-ness started out on Monday after we did e-mail. We made our way over to the grocery store to go food shopping. You know how I told you it was a small town? Well, it was just more apparent than ever, because we kept running into people we knew in the grocery store. A guy that we had talked to while knocking doors, the lady that owns the restaurant, her husband, a less-active, a little girl at the summer camp we go to, her mom. There were just lots of people we knew, and it was rather exciting. Exciting thing? We invited the mom of the little girl to learn more about the gospel and she didn't seem that interested. However, on Wednesday, she came to get her kid while we were singing with the kids and slipped us her phone number. It was kind of cool. It is exciting to see that little things (singing primary songs with kids in a summer camp) can bring about big things. We still haven't called her, but we hope to stop by this week. Also, in other news from the summer camp, we were knocking doors one day and a lady came out and said that when we called her son was like, "Um. Mom? Our music teachers from Summer Camp are outside." Haha. It cracked me up. He is one of the only kids we know by name, because he isn't so well behaved. :) But, he was so shy with his mom there! It was funny for us, but probably really awkward for him. She wasn't interested either, but it is nice that people can see we help in the community, and a really good way for them to at least listen to see what our message is about. Maybe they had talked to missionaries before, but they never really listened to them. But, when they can see that we are there helping their children, maybe they are more ready to at least listen to what we have to say. I'm excited to call the mom of the little girl to talk to her.

The brother of a recent convert came to church this week, which is really cool. I think they have been inviting him for a while (the recent convert couple), so it is cool he finally came. I am excited to see what he thought. We talked to him during church, and he seemed to be happy, but I want to hear what he really had to say about the experience when we go and visit Jr. and Evelyn this week (the recent converts). He has a young son and a young daughter. He didn't come with the daughter, but his son and the son of another recent convert family really hit it off and were having lots of fun together. That is can be a great influence on their parents to get them to come to church. I like it when members do missionary work! It is the best way to invite people to come unto Christ and to help people accept the message of the restoration.

In district meeting on Tuesday we had a treasure hunt, where the clues were scriptures (District meeting was about searching the scriptures. So, we had to read a scripture and then guess where the next clue was hidden.). Guess who was awesome at it? Me! And you want to know why? All those years growing up of practicing treasure hunts every single birthday. So, it turns out some skills you never thought would be useful do come in handy. It was fun and actually a really good activity.

We taught Carlos this week the Word of Wisdom. He seemed to agree with everything as we were teaching it and seemed to really like the lesson. He was (as always) sharing scriptures from the Bible that he thought were applicable. Scriptures about obedience and blessings and bodies being temples. It was a good lesson. At the end when we committed him to live the Word of Wisdom, he said he's already been living it, "Ever since I found God." Meaning, ever since he changed from his "life on the street" as he puts it, to a life with God in it. It was a good lesson, and cool to see that he wasn't going to have a problem with the Word of Wisdom. We were a little worried about coffee, but he said he doesn't drink coffee. So he's good.

We had a cool contact this week. His name was Felipe. He had lived in New Jersey for a while and was really friendly. When we told him we were mormons, he said, "Oh. There are a lot of you in Lancaster, PA, right?" "" I reply, "I think you have us confused with the Amish." "Oh...You're right." Says he. Yeah. That was funny. And then I had to try to explain what the Amish are to my companion. Haha. Nuns one week and Amish the next. :)

We had a lesson with someone named Salvador (which is Savior in Spanish). He is really cool. We met him while walking around one day and he seemed interested and accepted an appointment. When we finally figured out where he lived, we shared the message of the restoration with him. He liked it. He read the pamphlet that we left him when we first met him on the street. "But only once," he told us. We were pretty excited he had read it. He knows the Bible well and was talking about a lot of prophets from the Bible, which always excites us. He knew what a prophet was (which is not as common as you'd think) and believed that God could call another prophet and reveal new scriptures. It was a great lesson. And then at the end, he offered us water, and came out with cake and ice cream! Yum! Basically, long story short, we are definitely going back. :) But not just for the cake and ice was a good lesson, because lots of times people have really weak answers to your questions, but you could tell that he was actually thinking about the questions and trying to understand the message. I'm excited for him. An interesting thing about him is that his wife died in a fairly tragic accident. He is an older man, and apparently his grandson has some mental problems and

Those are the exciting things going on this week. I know we don't have a lot of exciting missionary missionary stories, but we are still working hard (I promise!), this area is just a lot different than the other one I was in.

Hermana Miller

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