Dear Wonderful Family,

I am so jealous you have snow in Utah! Oh, how I wish I had it here. It is weird to think that somewhere in the world there is snow. I am kind of just in this eternal summer down here. I realized yesterday that Thanksgiving is just around the corner, but I feel like I am still in the middle of July here.

Although we are still experiencing summer, we have been celebrating Christmas here since just before Halloween, but it became official yesterday, as Christmas Trees and "Nacimientos" (nativity sets) were put up on display, right here in the CCM. Haha. If you think it is bad in the US (celebrating Christmas too early, that is), you should try it in a country that doesn't have either Thanksgiving OR Halloween as a buffer. It is...strange. I love Christmas, but I really prefer to celebrate it in it's season...after Mom's birthday. :)

So...thank you for ALL the letters I got this week! I got lots of letters; I was the envy of all the district. Haha. Not really. But, I did get a ton of mail, and thank you so much for that! I am not going to mail any letters until I get to Puerto Rico, but you can expect to see some letters in the mail soon! I was rather surprised to see that a lot of my friends read my blog, which is cool. I should be more careful about what I write. :)

Perhaps the most noteable letter I received this week was from Dad's Birthday Party. Haha. I love the photo you took and also, thank you for the poster was exciting. Here is my response:

Max: Hello! I am in the DR. I am learning Spanish here. I'm kind of surprised by your question, but that is the answer. Thanks for writing!

Josh: I am so sorry you are lonely without my company. I hope you'll find solace in the love of Adrienne, who is acting as my proxy in my absence.

Adrienne: The CC letter hasn't arrived yet, and I fear it may not. You will need to send it again when I get to PR, if it doesn't arrive before my departure. I'm on pins and needles here. :)

Tyler: Is that seriously all you have to say!? I feel a frowny face coming on just thinking about it.

Nora: Yes. "Your people" are awesome. They are kind and patient with my pathetic language "skills," and I'm sure they can cook well, if they were cooking for me. I think about you every day because one of the hermanas staying in my room, Hna. M (who is also going to the PRSUW mission) is from Guatemala and looks just like you! It's crazy!

Amanda: No, they don't have halloween here, but one of the senior missionary couples who lives in our hallway had a fantasma - ghost decoration outside her door and we loved to see it! Sometimes it would mysteriously move around, and sometimes it was lite up and sometimes it wasn't. It was kind of the excitement of our lives for a couple of weeks. Instead of Halloween they just celebrate Christmas for a couple months.

Pete: Thanks for the advice about the food. I appreciate it. I have decided just to not ask. Haha.

So, this is my last preperation day from the CCM. I have finally been deemed properly prepared to work as a "real" missionary out in the field. I am so excited and yet very nervous about my new expectations. I can't believe I've already been a missionary for 2 months - time goes so fast here! And yet, at the same time, it feels like I've been doing this my whole life; like I have always been studying 24/7 and living with a compaƱera for 24/7. I have learned so much here at the CCM and at the MTC. I have studied a lot, and a lot of previous perceptions and understandings about the gospel have either changed or been significantly enhanced. I'm excited to continue learning in the field and I'm really excited to see how missionary work works out in the field.

I am going to miss the CCM. Not only all the time we have to study and learn and grow, but also my district. The elders in my district are so awesome! They are going to be great missionaries because they're diligent and hard-working and they really know the gospel. They love the gospel and they love to share the gospel. We are so united, and I am sad we have to leave them. I am sad I have to leave my compaƱera, because I have learned so much from her, and we teach really well and study really well together. We are going to different missions though, so it is the end. :( I am also going to miss the random power outages, the trips to the university, and the teachers (I found out this week my girl teach likes HSM, which is awesome).

In exciting news for this week - I tried French Toast for the first time in my life on Tuesday morning. They serve it every Tuesday morning, and, after eating fruit loops and guineos (bannanas) every day for 6 weeks, I finally broke down and tried the French Toast. It was interesting, and would be willing to try it again, by mom's hand. I'm sorry I never tried your's mom, and I first had to try it from a Dominican chef.

Again, thank you so much for the letters! I'm all out of time now, but I am so happy I get to e-mail you every week and that you have been sending me letters. I really appreciate all the correspondance.

Hermana Miller

ps. If your dearelder letter was not sent before November 11, I didn't receive it. Don't use dearelder any more, because it comes in the pouch!

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