We are loving it being here as metro missionaries! We had a lot of fun "metroventures" this week. The first one was unplanned. We were in an apartment building going up to visit a less active and we got stuck in the elevator! It was the first time in my life I've been stuck in the elevator. It was exciting, especially since the call box didn't work. We used our metro missionary skills though, and just pushed the alarm button instead, which is like a school bell that is really loud, so the entire building can hear you. Finally someone came and got us out, but not before laughing at us first. haha. It was funny. There is a little trap door in the top of the elevator and he kind of peeked in there and laughed and then opened the doors for us. We were still two floors down from our final destination, so we climbed the stairs to the apartment we were looking for. When she saw that we had come up the stairs she asked us why we hadn't used the elevator, and we told her we had, but that we had gotten stuck and she exclaimed, "Oh, that was you?" Good fun for everyone.

Another exciting metroventure we've been having daily is taking the train to our area. We are living in Caparra and we are almost out of miles, so we decided to ride the train everyday. That is tons of fun and a cool way to contact people. Then we walk around all day (which is tiring!), which is also a great way to contact people. One train contact was cool because he started speaking English to us (people like to do that to practice on us), and we asked him where he had learned his English. At first I thought he said, "On the street," but then my companion helped me understand he had said, "On Sesame Street." So. That is a valuable program after all! I liked that. We left a family proclamation with them (it was a lovely family).

Speaking of a lovely family, the Solano family (the family we are teaching), came to church this week! It was so great! They loved it (it is their second time to church, but first time to this ward). They arrived about 5 minutes early (which is better than a lot of the members, even), and they came dressed up. We talked about baptism in Principles of the Gospel class and they learned a lot. People were pretty friendly with them. They are progressing so well. I just love going over there because they always have read and they always have good insights into the reading and appropriate questions. They are humble and fulfill their commitments. They still have a lot of challenges though. We just talked to them last night about the Word of Wisdom, and there are a few challenges there, but we asked them if they believed it was a commandment and they said that yes, they do believe it is a commandment. I know that they can overcome any problems because they have faith in the Saviour and they truly believe in the restoration of the gospel through Joseph Smith. He still hasn't found work and was really sad yesterday about it because I guess he was really excited about some job that he had interviewed for but that they still hadn't called. That must be so hard. He wants to support his family so bad but just can't. We pray for them a lot.

We also taught another investigator this week. We had a first lesson with her a while ago and it was basically just answering all her doubts, and she was a little the same this time at the beginning, but then we started teaching lesson 1 and she listened and understood and was excited to read in the Book of Mormon. We conditionally committed her to baptism and she agreed that if she were to receive an affirmative answer about the book of Mormon that she would be baptized. It was really cool to see the difference that a lesson taught by the spirit can make in a person. She changed just while we were teaching, and that was exciting for us.

After a couple week sof being homeless, we hope to finally have an apartment to move into on Friday. There were various problems and hang-ups, but thanks to a nice guy we found a great apartment at a nice price. Long story short, the guy we were going to rent from told us he thought his apartment was too small for us and showed us an un-advertised apartment of his neighbor's, because he thought we'd be happier there. He is not getting commisioned or anything by her, it is just because he is a great guy. They also gave us mangoes, which gives them triple points in our book (they are so good!). The apartment is kind of like a little guest house thing behind an older women's home. It is situated in this little garden wonderland and is really quite beautiful. I will take pictures once we get there. There were problems getting the apartment, but the latest word is that we're moving in on Friday. We're excited to live in our area.

Also this week, we tried an almost, "half-extinct" fruit, called the Mamey. It looks like a coconut or a brown breadfruit, but is soft. It has a weird flavor, which is like a mix between papaya and apple or papaya and mango. We're not really sure, but it is a flavor of papaya mixed with something. Not my favorite, but it is almost extinct! That means it is a delicacy and worth eating if you can get it. I wish you could try all these exciting fruits. I just realized that you don't know what breadfruit is. YOu can make really tasty tostones con breadfruit. It is called panapen in Spanish.

We are still really working on the doctrine of Christ here as a mission. I had a cool insight on it this week while reading the Book of Mormon in Mosiah 18. Verses 20 and 21 hit on specific points in the doctrine of Christ, faith and repentance and also that there should be no contention, but rather there should be unity and love. In verse 22 it says that is how they became children of God. So, truly living the doctrine of Christ and having unity and love helps convert you to become a child of Christ. I feel like I'm on the brink of something with the godhead and the doctrine of Christ, but I just can't figure out exactly what. I like these verses though, because they are helping me understand both (the godhead and the doctrine of Christ) better.

I love you and am happy you found me again. :) I love all the pictures.

Hermana Miller

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