Dear family,

I tried a new fruit this week. Canepas! They are kind of like the hairy fruit that I tried in January, but a little bit more tart. I have enclosed a picture. We saw someone selling them on the side of the road and bought some the other day. I know that sounds a little sketch, but that happens all the time here. They were tasty. I would try to describe the taste to you, but they are unique. You just have to come here next summer to try them. Yum.

We have some great investigators here in Guaynabo. The family we are teaching is progressing beautifully. We did a noche de hogar with them last night and they loved it. Part of it was a memory game with pictures of them. It was fun to make and a BIG hit; they loved it! It was fun to play. We brought a member family with us and they really became good friends. It was good to see that amistad between them kind of start. We are a little worried about the mother, Maria, because she is very shy and hasn't really made any friends at church. She kind of clings to us, but we are working on finding her a friend. We have brought a member over with us, and the member is very kind to her, but Maria is very shy. We're working on it. They are progressing with the word of wisdom. Maria was drinking 2 cups of coffee a day and now she is down to one. Plinio is changing just as we saw Maria change. He is happier and more smiley now, even though he still doesn't have a job. The gospel changes people. You know that it is the gospel, because it is the only variable in their life. I love to see that!

Magalie, the one we conditionally committed to baptism last week has not received an answer about the Book of Mormon (she hasn't asked yet), but she has read a lot. She read 2 Ne 31 (which we left) and also 32 and 33, and then read the introduction and the testimonies and the first chapter of 1 Nefi. We are really excited for her. We set a date for 28 Aug. We told her about how sometimes answers don't come right away, but they always will come. At the end of the cita when we asked her to pray, part of her prayer was that she might receive an answer quickly so she could get baptized as we had planned together. We are really excited for her, because she is developing a love for the Book of Mormon already.

The ward is doing great. We are visiting a member and helping her develop a true love for the scriptures. The members are recognizing their responsibilities and how it is important for them to go to work too. As one member said to us this week, "Why would the Lord give us any new families if we can't take care of the ones we already have?" That was spot on and it really excited us that they are are aware of and making plans to fulfill their responsibilities.

We moved into our new apartment this week. It is nice. It is a cottage. Seriously though. It is a pre-furnished apartment and is decorated in what I like to call "Old Lady chic". Very nice. I imagine Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother living there. Our landlady's name is Yaya (pronounced Ja-ja), which is also very cool.

Lastly, we had a district activity today in a fun place called "Ă„dventureland". Not that fun. The height of the adventure was sneaking onto the twelveth floor of the building to see what was up there (it turns out to be nothing but a large empty we didn't really sneak up...we just went up and it turns out no one was there to tell us not to), and a large plastic dinasaur outside. I've attached pictures of all the fun adventures this week to keep you up-to-date.

I love you,

Hermana Miller


5111: A pretty rainbow we saw on the way to district meeting this morning. I like the change n the sky color. Pretty!

5081: Me with our memory game. It was tons of fun!

5073: Canepas! This is an extra strand that the guy gave to me. He saw me taking a picture of his stand (and naturally he was in the picture), so we predict that he thought I was taking a picture of him and then he vey kindly gifted me these extra canepas. I'm okay with that. :)

5130: This was at adventureland. It is an albino boa conastrictor. I took this picture so that if I ever decided to buy snake skin boots, I'd be able to show the craftsman what kind of snake skin I want. It was pretty.

5142: This is me in the big emptyroom on the twelfth floor we went to at adventure land. It had pretty views on the city of Carolina.

5156: Me with the dinasaur. Cool.



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