Dear family,

I love you so much. Thank your for writing me. I can't wait until next week to see what happens with the baby. Yay! I can hardly contain myself.

This week was fun. We did lots of fun missionary activities. One day we ended up at a large hospital complex called Centro Medico. It has like, 11 hospital right there next to each other. We were planning on doing contacts there, and we thought vaguely that it would be cool to come back sometime and visit the patients there and sing them a song or something. We happened to contact a member from another ward, and mentioned that we were thinking about doing it "sometime," and he said that he has seen other missionaries do it before. So, he said, "follow me," and he introduced us to the guard and got us into the Trauma unit. Unfortunately, we didn't see any blood or anything, but we did visit 3 people. It was kind of weird, but we are going to work on perfecting our approach and maybe do it again sometime. I know that we were led there though, because we had planned on doing contacts that day but without a specific location in mind, we got on the train and we decided to get off at Centro Medico. We walked a random direction (because we don't really know that area very well), and ended up at the hospital (and met a guy on the way and left a Book of Mormon with him! :) ). We happened to find a member whose wife works in Trauma and who knows all the guard people and who got us in, because we just happened to show up right at 6:30, which is when visiting hours start. It is a wonderful feeling when you feel you are being led by the Lord.

On Sunday, we were talking to people again and I went to talk to one man while my companion went somewhere else. It was a long contact with a guy that looked really cool and normal on the outside, but who was really against us on the inside. He insisted on several things that we didn't agree with, including the fact that he had to contend because the bible says to contend for your faith (and it does, but there are a billion others that say that contention is of the prideful and devil, blah blah blah). Anyway. It was kind of an ugly experience. I've had that experience before. Many times before, but why do I share it with you this time? Because there was a different result this time. Not with him (you can't say anything that will touch those kinds of people), but with me. I've always walked away from experiences like that feeling a little disheartened because, well? Somebody is attacking you and your beliefs, and they refuse to stop attacking, because the Bible says they have to. Ok. This time, I'm sure he didn't feel the spirit because he was yelling and stuff, but I could feel the spirit because I stayed calm and asked him questions, and even though he barely allowed me to talk, when I did talk, I just testified. I know that I benefited from the conversation. I know that my testimony grew in that moment. I know that we are children of a Heavenly Father and that we lived with Him before we came here, and we are here to prepare to live with Him again. I know that the Book of Mormon is true because I've read it, and I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet. It's that simple. So. It is true that we grow through trials. Although it was an ugly experience, I can look back on that experience and see that it was a actually a really wonderful one.

As far as investigators go, I don't know what we're doing wrong, but we haven't had a new one for weeks now. I guess it could be because every body we find seems to be in a different area, but it is frustrating. We are continuing to look though, as we prepare for the baptism of Karina. She couldn't come to church on Sunday because Diego, her two year old had a fever on Saturday night. They were in the hospital until 4am and so didn't want to come to church on Sunday. We hope they'll make it next week. We're excited for her baptism!

Thank you for your love and support. I love you so much and can't wait to see the pictures...lots of pictures. :)

Hermana Miller

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