Dear family,

So the craziness is finally settling down. Hermana Beltran came in on Friday afternoon (we found out Friday afternoon and had to run to the airport to get her), and we are learning a lot together. We are going over lesson one principle by principle in companionship study and we are making outlines. She is very ready to learn, and although she feels uncomfortable talking to people and using the phone and teaching, she is taking steps out of her comfort zone and doing all of those things. I am so happy for her. Yesterday we were out doing contacts and the phone rang. I answered it and was talking to the Elder's Quorum president and she was waiting for me to finish. The conversation took a while and after about 8 minutes, she left and went to talk to somebody waiting for a bus nearby. I was so impressed! She is getting more and more comfortable, I just think everything about Puerto Rico is a shock for her. But she is doing awesome.

We really don't have a lot of investigators right now, but we are looking for new ones and have had a couple promising contacts, but we haven't had a lesson with them yet, so we'll let you know about them next week.

Two investigators came to Church on Sunday. Karina is the wife of a less-active, and we have been teaching her since we arrived in July. We have let up a little bit recently because she wasn't progressing, but the new Elder's Quorum President is really helping a lot with them. They have been in church 2 weeks in a row now. It is cool to see her in church finally, with her family. We'll let you know about the baptism. We hope that her husband, Gilberto can prepare himself to be worthy to baptize her himself. :)

The other investigator was Monique. She is the one who went to California for a week to see a healer because she has lower back pain. She is really cool and I like her a lot. She rode the bus to church, which I was so happy about, because she is acting. She says that there were a lot of impediments that were keeping her from coming to church, but she realizes that was what it was; obstacle from the devil, and she overcame them. We've also been teaching her since about July. I am happy she finally came to church, and the members were really friendly and offered her a ride and everything. She says she is going to come back next week because she felt really good.

Other then that, we don't have a lot going on. I was super excited though that there were two investigators in Church.

I love you! Thanks for the letters and packages; they make me feel good and loved. I like reading about your lives.


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