It is the first day of just another transfer in the life of Hermana Miller. But, it also happens to be the first day of the last transfer in the life of Hermana Miller. How strange it feels. I never thought this time would come, but here I am at the beginning of the end.

Yet again, my companion has been changed on me. Hermana Comoletti and I just had too much fun together, so they took her away and I am working with...Hermana Summers! Again! It was very surprising and exciting. We worked together two transfers ago for a couple weeks, and it was a good experience. So, it will be cool to have 6 more weeks with her. (By-the-way...I don't want you to read too much into "[We] just had too much fun together." There is no rule-breaking involved here.... It just always seems that the people I like are taken away so fast. Sad.).
It has been a really great transfer with her. I think I grew the most in this last transfer, and learned a lot and strengthed a lot. It was a really wonderful experience. She taught me a lot, and we got a lot of good work done. We have two investigators now!

Wanda: She couldn't come to church because we had a Regional/Stake Conference thing (the satellite stake conference ones), and she was sick, but she is still letting us come over and we are still working with her. She seems very sincere and real. She is honestly looking for an answer and we are just trying to help her recognize it.

Saima: She is a new-ish one who is pretty cool. We were just neighborhood walking the other week and ran into her and we taught a first lesson. She wasn't there for the return cita, but we went back another day and she was there. She let us in and we shared something. She is studying to be baptized in another church, but has read a little in the Book of Mormon and says she likes it because she can understand it and becaue it seems to teach the same sort of concepts/doctrine that the Bible teaches. She has two little kids who are really cute, one in 2nd grade and one in Kindergarten.

Two less actives came to the Stake conference, which was very exciting for us. Having Less actives come to church is just as exciting as having investigators in church, because you work just as hard with them, and it is good to see them where they belong, doing what they need to be doing.

I am excited to keep working here in Guaynabo and to work with Hermana Summers again too. I love you all. Thanks for your support!

Hermana Miller

0296: This is Sweetie, our dog. We were afraid she was going to die, so we took some pictures. She is still alive though, but I think she'll die soon enough. She is so cute (personality, not body...). She loves us.

0305: Hermana Comoletti and I have the same shoes! It was funny when we discovered that. Which ones do you think are mine?

0324: One of Hermana Comoletti's friends is serving in the NYC mission and sent her this shirt. So, we took a picture. She is standing on a chair next to me.

0339: This is one of our favorite look-out places. Do you see the ocean in the background? I know I send you one of these with every companion I have...but it is a cool spot!

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