Dear family,

Today is emergency p-day. Not because there is an emergency, just because they want to do interviews tomorrow, so we are p-daying it today. Surprise!

This week has been good. We made it to 2011! I can't believe it is already January. We tried to go and buy Chinese food on New Year's Eve, but everything was closed, so we ate Chinese food yesterday in commemoration of the new year. It was fun.

We were able to visit Wanda again this week a couple times and she is doing really well. She read in the Book of Mormon and has good questions. Her number one doubt is whether or not Joseph Smith could have seen God the Father. We told her to pray about it and also to pray to know if the Book of Mormon is true. She is really really sweet and her son is really awesome; we got to meet him this week. He is not your average kid. He really likes church things and is really calm and super sweet. We are really excited for her and how she is progressing. She was going to come to church, she said, but it was raining a lot on Sunday, so she didn't come. I really think she'll come to church next week.

On SUnday we went walking for a while to be able to talk to people and we decided to start heading home because it was starting to get dark. On the way there, we ran into the Elders who were with some members from another ward on an exchange. It was one of our Elders with another guy and another girl. The girl is really cool; she just got baptized last March and always goes out with the missionaries and is just very active. Apparently they were calling all the missionaries in the Metro area and nobody was answering and then when they called the Elders they were like, "Is this a joke?" because it was 3 young adults wanting to go on splits with the missionaries. It was cool that we ran into them though because then the girl came with us and we had two really cool visits with her.

First we went to Karina's house and they clicked really fast, because we told Karina that Victoria was a recent convert too and that was really a bonding point for her. Victoria testified of the blessing of the Holy Ghost and of the Sacrament and then Karina was asking about the best way to share the gospel with her family. It was a really cool experience, because it took us months for Karina to feel that comfortable with us, but with this new member, it was instantaneous.

Next we went to Karem's house. Karem is the daughter of the second Counselor in the Bishopric and doesn't really like us and never lets us in without an appointment, but is never there for appointments. We haven't even tried to contact her in a couple months (I don't think Hermana Beltran ever met her), but when we knocked on her door and she saw us, she let us right in. We hadn't planned anything, because we were planning on just saying hi, so we were really surprised when we just got right in, but we had a really good lesson about "The three Rs of Choice" by President Monson and Victoria shared a wonderful testimony again. I think she is a better missionary than we are.

Later on, the Elders called us and told us about their experiences and both of them had really good experiences too. I know that coincidences don't happen but that Heavenly Father arranges everything for us so that as tools in His hands we can bless His children in our areas. It was interesting to see that all three groups had great experiences. I love it when things like that happen that just help us to see the hand of God in His work.

I love you. I hope you have a great week.

Hermana Miller

0277: These are the missionaries in our ward. We went over to the Kay's house to eat on Sunday and then we sang some hymns, and this is Elder Wouden's last picture. He is the one next to me. Guess what? He is from South Jordan, UT! He also has a 16 year old sister in Bingham, so maybe she and Tyler know each other. He is going home this Saturday. It is always really weird to see missionaries leave. He and I have been in the same ward since August, so now I am teh only remaining one of the original four...those of us who opened the ward again to missionary work. How strange. companion is not that tall. She is standing on the couch behind me. Yeah. She is that short.

0273: This is us with the Kays. They have two little girls. Sylvia is the big on and Vivian is the little one. They are a really nice family. (Ben Kay is from Buffalo Stake)

0269: This is another orchid that came out today. I know flower pictures aren't really that exciting, I just think the environment we live in is quite exotic and different.

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