Do you believe that someone could really be an investigator for that long? Well, it turns out that yes! And not only that, we have one here in Guaynabo! His name is Pedro. he is 76 years old and his entire family was baptized in 1978. One of his daughters is married in the temple. He never wanted to join the church, even though every missionary who has ever worked in Guaynabo knows him and has worked with him. About a year ago he started attending church regularly. About 7 months ago, we got here and started visiting him every week. And then the Elders got here, and they, too visited him weekly. He refused to allow us to set a baptismal date for the longest time. Eventually, he said he would get baptized...eventually, but that he would be the one to set the date. We couldn't get him past that point. About 2 months ago, Hermana Comoletti came to town. She recommended that us four missionaries do a special fast for him to select a date. He accepted the date, and long story short? He got baptized on Saturday! This is a picture of him with his wife and the Relief Society President. Every one was so happy when they announced his baptism in Sacrament meeting, and I can see a real change in his home life and relationship with his wife too. Not that they were ever bad, but they are just better now. Fasting has a true power to help ourselves and others. I know that because we had faith and fasted, Pedro was blessed. He is awesome; I love them.

After the baptism, a member invited us to Dunkin' Donuts for a donut and hot we went! This is a picture of our adventure there. We, being the only girls in the group, sat at the reject table (all alone), but it turned out we had more fun, because who wants to talk to boys anyways?

In other exciting news: Olga, the less active who is progressing has taken yet another step towards the temple! She has drunk coffee for a long time, and was slowly trying to quit. She went on a cruise a couple months ago and completely quit. When she came back, she didn't drink it again for another couple weeks, but then picked it up again because she makes it for other people (she feeds homeless people that walk by her house and also, she made it for workers in her house). We talked about taking it from her, and she thought we were joking and vaguely committed to put it in her father's home. When we came back this week, we brought a box and she gave it to us! So, she is completely coffee free now! She is really progressing a lot and it is very exciting. Here is a picture of us with the coffee maker outside our house when we got home that night. We were happy and made silly faces.

Also, I keep finding ants on my bed. I know that is very strange, and it is not like there are a lot of them, but there are just a few here and there. For example, at any one time, perhaps about 5-7. They don't bite or anything, but come on...who wants to sleep with ants? We changed our laundry detergent, so perhaps it is a sweeter laundry detergent. I woke up one day and there was one one my eyebrow, and I thought it was a piece of hair. I prefer to not be touched by bugs.

Lastly, we stopped at some of my favorite graffiti this week to take a picture of it. That is also attached, as is a picture of our dog, Sweetie. :) I love her. She is so cute.

Thank you for your love and support!

Hermana Miller

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