That means "in the middle of nowhere." I learned the phrase this week because that is where we are! In the middle of nowhere. I really realized that this week while tocing doors and standing in the middle of three houses completely isolated from all civilization and calling "Buenas Tardes!" and getting no response. We really are rather isolated here, but it is really fun. It is just a completely new experience.

We have lots of exciting happenings this week that I'd like to share with you. Number one is? We had English class! It was really fun. I was a little nervous, but it turned out to be cool. It is the first time we've had it since I came here because it has rained every Saturday since I came, and Puerto Ricans just don't leave their house when it is raining. We talked about families and learned two new words: siblings and parents. We asked the people who came to tell us about their families. Everyone said they had 5 brothers (or however many) and then said that two were men and 3 were women (or however many…you know). That is because in Spanish “hermanos” means both brothers and siblings. So, I taught them the words siblings and they were just blown away by the concept. Also, one of the participants said she had two fathers ( it was my companion). Since I knew she didn’t have two fathers, I cleared that up by telling them that although “Padres” in Spanish means father and mother (in plural and in context), it means two men in English. They were surprised but grateful. It is fun. We also talked about personal pronouns. The participants are two couples from the church (one couple is the recent convert couple who are really cool) and our investigator, Carlos. I’m excited for future English classes.

We also had transfer meeting this week in Toa Baja. I got to talk to Sister Reid and Sister Lopez (ex-companions) and they confirm that Carolina was baptized on April 10, as planned. It was so good to hear! I am really happy for her. Also, her friend who was giving her anti-literature is apparently taking the lessons right now. That is cool! We were hoping for her, because in our last lesson with Carolina, Jennifer (the anti- friend) was there and listened. She had been present in two lessons previously, but had never sat down and listened (and when we asked Carolina if she was interested in listening to the gospel, she would say “Oh no; she hates you.” ), so when she listened to our lesson, we found it interesting and hoped that her heart was softening. I guess now she is following the example of her friend.

Also, we had an earthquake on Saturday night. Well, I don’t know if it can be called an earthquake, but it was a 5.8 up in the northern corner of the island, in the area between Aguada and Moca. It woke us up at 1:17 on Sunday morning with a powerful shaking and a noise like “Brrrrrrr” Or, as companion says “Trrrrr.” You get the idea. I can’t really write down the noise, but it was a strong noise and strong shaking too. I’d never felt it before! It is weird to feel something that has always been so solid move…especially when you’re on a bed with wheels. I was just going to go back to sleep, but I guess I sat up and said “(sharp intake of breath like Arthur does at times) What was that?!” and so, my companion turned on the light and said it was a “tremble.” In talking with others, we found out that everyone else in town got out of bed and went to the streets…but we just went back to sleep. It was a cool experience, but I guess we were really tired.

Finally, I hit a bird while driving this week. It was rather exciting, seeing as it’s kind of a life-long dream of mine. It kind of just flew into the windshield, and seeing as we were driving at a good 30 35 mph, I looked in the rearview mirror and saw it fall to the ground behind us. The windshield is okay though, thank goodness. I would feel bad calling the guy in charge of the cars twice in one transfer to ask for a repair.

I found a new favorite scripture this week. It is in 3 Nephi 19: 25, 26. It talks about prayer. I love the imagery in 25, and then the response of the people in 26. I can just picture Christ smiling as we pray. I know that prayer is a powerful tool that we’ve been given and a true gift. Have you ever stepped back and thought about what prayer is? Prayer is the capacity to communicate directly with the most powerful being in the universe. There are some humans we’re not even allowed to communicate with, but we have been given the opportunity to converse with our Heavenly Father at any time and in any place we desire. He will always listen to us and will always respond. As verse 25 says, we will always be blessed for pray. And so, “Pray on...” and cease not to pray.

I love you!

Hermana Miller

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