Hello, Family.

This week was a rainy week; it rained for a couple of days, and there were some real torrential downpours too. Several streets turned into rivers, and I guess the actual river overflowed. Wow! It was a lot of rain. One day we went out to toc doors because we really needed to. It was cloudy and threatening outside, and it was even dropping a sprinkle here and there, but we decided to risk it to go find the people who were prepared. We made it to the first house when it started to rain harder. There were only 3 houses on the street, so we decided to go back to a street we hadn't finished earlier this week. We went and when we got out of the car it was raining a little harder, but there were only 2 houses left to do, so we were determined to do them both. We had to climb up two hills to get to the second house, and by that time it was just pouring. Literally. It was kind of like fording a river, walking up the drive to the second house; you could just feel the water streaming through your shoes every time you put your foot down. It got to a point where it didn't matter anymore though because we were just so wet, so it was fun. When we knocked on the second house, the woman we talked to was clearly astonished we were outside and even offered to let us come in and share something just to get out of the rain. She wasn't really interested though, so we went home and changed. It was crazy! My shoes really stink now because they were really wet. I dried them in the sun yesterday though, so they're dry and usable again, I just fear the stench may scare people. I'm looking into remedies for that.

In other news, we have a new investigator! Betsy. We contacted her on the street a week and a half ago or so and she said we could come to her house. Well, the addresses here are not very useful because the houses are not numbered in order (and that is assuming the house has a number). Luckily though, every one knows everyone, so after a while of looking for her last week, we finally found her house (with the help of a few neighbors) and shared the first lesson. She has two young kids (and one of them is named Fabian...cool.) and she kind of reminds me of Carolina, which is cool. While looking for her house the first time, we contacted someone who lives close to her. He said he was interested and we went over to his house for an appointment on Saturday morning. After we talked to him on Saturday morning, we randomly stopped by Betsy's house and she had already read, and she remembered what she read! It was good. We had a nice lesson that talked about the importance of baptism, and she said she would like it if we continued to visit her. So, she is our new investigator.

Other investigators are Candida and Miguel. They are an old couple who are really sweet and receptive to us. They are not the typical old people who like to hear about Jesus but don't do anything about it; they actually read and understand and talk about the reading between themselves before we come back. Lots of old people invite you to come in and share with them, but it's because you talk about Jesus and things, not because they're willing to change. But Candida and Miguel are different. The missionaries found them before I came into the area. We took a member to a lesson this week, and it turned out that Miguel knew her, which was cool. I think that will really help them a lot as they continue studying the gospel. It is so nice to have random "coincidences" like that. :)

Speaking of "random" happenings, we had a contact that we tried to find last Saturday (like I said, the addresses are very vague...you basically have what street they live on, but the street goes all the way up the mountain and the house aren't usually numbered). We didn't find him and he hadn't given us a phone number, so we gave up. Fast forward to Saturday night, we went over to that same area, but a lot higher up the mountain, and who's door did we knock? Angel Gabriel (that is the name of the guy...haha. I think that's kind of funny). He let us in and we taught a first lesson to him and his wife and his wife's friend. It was cool to be led by the spirit to someone who we previously couldn't find.

That is about all the exciting things that happened this week. I am attaching a few pictures that you might enjoy. Hope everything is well at home. I love you.

Hermana Miller

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