Dear Family,

It was so good to talk to you this week! Thanks so much for calling me! It was a great time to talk because it was raining outside here, so instead of going out and working in the rain, I got to stay inside and talk to you. :) It was happy.

I don’t have much to report since Sunday. It continued to rain on Monday. Apparently May is the rain-iest month here in PR. It rains really hard when it rains and all the roads change into rivers. It’s cool.

Today was P-day and we are in Arecibo again because we had to come and get our car repaired…there was an unfortunate incident with a telephone pole this week and we needed to take care of that. What happened is this…some of the roads here are really narrow, so we were on a narrow road and we met another car. This always happens. You just have to pull off to the side a little and somehow make two cars fit on a one lane road. It’s totally possible and we do it all the time. This time however, we were right next to a pole…apparently. We didn’t know. Even my companion says it jumped out of nowhere. We thought we were clear, but apparently not and the right mirror was removed. We (using our sister missionary ingenuity) bandaged it up with tape and a handkerchief. We got it fixed today, and it is all better. In the meantime, Sister Reyes sat in the back seat because the door was helping to secure the mirror in place…so we couldn’t open it. I felt so lonely and dangerous up in the front all alone! But she is back in the front next to me now, and I feel good again.

We also went to a beach in Arecibo that was right next to the Arecibo Lighthouse. It was such a beautiful beach! We took a few pictures, and I will attach them for your viewing pleasure.

We are having a birthday party for one of the Elders in our district today and then we are staying the night in Lares because we have a transfer meeting tomorrow morning. I guess there aren’t a lot of changes this transfer. This is our President’s last transfer, which is weird. I’m excited to see how things will be different with a new president, but at the same time, I’m definitely going to miss President and Sister Martineau; they are really cool and teach us so much. They are supportive like you wouldn’t believe and their testimonies are fuerte. I sure do love them and it’ll be hard to see them go.

Thanks again for calling me and I’ll give you more updates next week…I don’t have much more to add to what we discussed two days ago. :)

Hermana Miller


1. This is the dog I told you about that had his ears doced so short that he didn't have ears at all. It was so sad! He was a really loving dog though. I liked him.

2. we drive this road once a week and I love this picture because the sky/mountains are in layers of color. Beautiful, no?

3. We found a sweet fairy tale tree this week. I was reminded of the trees that walk in the Lord of the Rings.

4. this is our broken and bandaged car. He's all better now, though.

5. the beach we went to today. It was so beautiful!

6. My companion and I at the beach.

Beaches are a lot more beautiful than I ever thought before coming to PR. I love them now. :)

I love you family! Have a nice day!


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