Dear family,
I loved the pictures you sent, but felt sad that I wasn't in them. Thank you for sending them to me and writing to me to let me know what is going on. Amanda looks pregnant. ! Especially from the side. :) That is good though. And expected at this stage.

I am still in Guaynabo and still with Sister Summers. So, that craziest transfer ever has finally calmed down a bit. I will attach a picture of us together. There is a member that lives in the campo a little bit, and near her house there is this scenic overlook thing where you can look out and see all of San Juan all the way to the ocean, and all the city in between. It is beautiful! That is where that picture was taken. So, even though you can't tell, that is all of San Juan behind us. :)

We are really searching for less actives, and we found a really great family this week where the mother is the only member, but the husband and the children are wonderful. We shared a message from the family proclamation yesterday and plan to continue teaching from that a while to help them feel the necessity for the gospel in their family. The son recently spent 2 months in Virginia with his aunt and her active family, so he already has a wonderful base. We have found them twice at home this week, and from what we've heard about them (from members and they, themselves), they are never home, so it was really a miracle to find them home twice. We look forward to helping them.

We are still working with Tony, an investigator who came to church once. He is the one who dreamed about us. Naturally, we are really excited about him, but excitment is waning as appointments fall. He seems very busy and can't always receive us, but we asked him this week if he still has interest in our message. He responded by saying he is reading the Book of Mormon and is about halfway through. We asked him how he feels when he reads it and said, "Well, it's the truth," in a "Well, duh," voice. Ok. So, we set another appointment and are going to keep trying to visit him. He just always seems to have personal crises that prevent him from being able to recieve us, such as and inventory at work, or an exploding (or leaking?) fishtank (resulting in lots of water in his home), etc. We're going to try to be patient with him and continue calling and visiting.

We are learning a lot together, Hermana Summers and I and I must say enjoy each other's company. We studied a lot this week about the sacrament and are gaining a better understanding of that sacred ordinance. We also went to the General Relief Society broadcast on Sunday night, and it was really great! I loved all of the talks, basiclaly, and especially the one by President Monson about not judging others. I feel like that is something I can really improve on. I feel like as a missionary I judge others more, just because it comes naturally; you have to judge whether or not someone is serious about being interested in the gospel and such. So you have to use good judgement, but you shouldn't judge, and sometimes there is a line there that I cross. I like how he said that you can't ever know the true intent of their heart. Good to keep in mind. We are going to work on that.

I love you,
Hermana Janae

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