Dear family,

Yesterday we had district meeting. My district leader is going home this week, but if appears that he has dengue! So sad. He had to go to the hospital yesterday. It is sad. I wonder if he'll be able to go home or not. Anyway, at the district meeting, we found out transfers. Sister Summers, my companion is going to Mayaguez and is going to open an area there. We were sad to change companions, because we were awesome together. haha. That sounds really full of myself, but mostly it is just that I really liked her. And I like to think that she really liked me too. :)

Anyway. My new companion was going to be...Hermana Palmer! Yes. The very same! The one with I was with in the CCM. But why is that sentence in the past tense? you might ask. Well. On the way to transfers today, we got a call informing us that Hermana Beltran was coming back within a couple days and that I would be with her again. So, Hermana Palmer is staying where she was and I have a mini-missionary for a couple days until Herman Beltran arrives. So, after 4 companions in 6 weeks, I will settle down with just Hermana Beltran and we'll work together in Guaynabo.

As far as the work goes, we are still working really hard here to find people to teach. We visited Tony this week and talked about Joseph Smith and The Book of Mormon and he said he would come to church, but he didn't make it. Also, an investigator that we have been teaching since the first day we arrived here, Karina came to church on Sunday with her husband and her children. We kind of had given them a break for a while, but we are going to visit them tonight. I'm excited to help them, because they came to church! I was shocked when I heard they were coming.

That is really about all that is happening, and since we have only one computer, I am going to pass it over to my companion.

I love you! Have a great week!

Hermana Miller

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