Dear family,

We've had another change! The three-some was dissolved and I am now in Guaynabo again, 100% with Hermana Summers. She is cool; a math teacher from Idaho. It is good to be completely dedicated to one area again, because I felt like I couldn't focus very well when we were covering the two areas; it was too many people to think about and keep track of. We don't know if she'll be here just to the end of the transfer, or until the end of the week or for a little longer. We'll see. Our president likes to switch things up and keep us on our toes.

Conference was so good! I loved it. I feel like it went really fast though! I don't know how two hours when you are a child can seem an eternity and two hours when you are a missionary (or and adult, I guess) can seem an instant. I loved basically all the talks. I liked the talks on faith, I liked the talks on agency, and the talks on Prophets. When President Monson was welcoming everyone to conference, it was the first time I really had the spirit testify to me of his call. I know that he is a prophet of God and that he talks to God face-to-face. And so, how interesting it is, I thought, that his message to us was on gratitude. It wasn't some intense doctrinal message or even a really heavy topic, it was about gratitude. I loved how he compared the attitudes of the disciples and Jesus Christ in the story when Christ fed the 4,000. We've already shared his message with 2 people this week. It is so important we are grateful for the many blessings we have, be they temporal or spiritual, we all have many blessings in our lives. I feel like the prophets and apostles are just so in-tune to what we need today, in the world. It is a wonderful experience to go to conference and listen to them share their testimonies and those things they feel are pertinent for us in our day.

We met a new investigator this week; Alejandro. He is young (25 or so) and can really relate to Jose Smith and his confusion about why there are so many different churches. He said he had stopped praying, but will start again to know the truth.

We are looking for less active families. There is a really good family that we have been trying to contact but who are a little resistant to missionaries right now. There is another family that we are going to look for where only the mother is a member, but it looks like around 2 years ago the missionaries were teaching the father and the children, so we've been trying to contact them this week.

I know that as Sister Summers and I really focus on our area we'll see miracles.

Hermana Miller

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