Today, we went to the rainforest. It is like every other forest, but we took pictures anyway. It rained on us, and we got wet. It is called the Yunque and it is the only rainforest on US territory. We are doing a Christmas conference thing today and tomorrow. I don't have a lot of time to write today, but call me on Thursday to confirm when we're going to talk and stuff. My number is the same that it was on Mother's Day.

Other Christmas conference fun was a flash mob we did in a food court where we sang Joy to the World and Angels we Have Heard on High. It was fun, because we were just sitting and eating like normal and then all of a sudden some people stood up and started singing, and then we all got up and started singing together. It was planned and stuff, but it was fun.
I'll talk to you soon and we'll arrange the stuff then.

Hermana Miller

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