Dear family,

This week was exciting, as usual. It was my companion's last week as a missionary, so we did a lot of fun stuff. Haha. Just kidding. We actually just did missionary stuff, just like normal. We just dropped her off at the mission home with another sister who is going home (one of the sisters we used to hang out with when I was in Utuado), and now we are doing fun things. I am going to miss Sister Thomas. We did well together.

I got a new companion. She is from El Salvador. She is tiny; more tiny than my last companion from El Salvador. Salvadorinians are so humble and loving. They are just so soft spoken and respectful and full of love. They have a humility about them that an American could never achieve. I am excited to show her around Guaynabo and work with her.

Last Friday we had a missionary activity in the church, and it was a big success! We got people there that we can't get to come to normal now we know that, if they just want to come enough, that they can make it. Haha. It was a talent show thing, and there were about 50 people there. It was so stressful; like planning a party! But, people finally arrived, and we got the party started. And man! Latinos know how to bring a party with them! We didn't ask anyone to bring refreshments or anything, but they all came with something to share. It was great. I made no-bake cookies and they loved them. I think they've never tried them before, but a lot of people asked me how to make them, and said they loved them. :) Also, it was a talent show, but it was mostly spiritual stuff. The jovenes sang True to the Faith, and it was so nice! It was wonderful to feel the spirit through their words, even though they didn't sing so great....

We met a new investigator in the house of a less active this week, and he came to the activity, which was great! He is reading in the Book of Mormon and can really identify with Joseph Smith, wanting to know the truth; wanting to know which is the true church. It is a really special experience to teach in a member home, even if the member is less active. In fact, cooler since the member is less active, because the husband of the family is really teaching the investigator. The first time he prayed, at the end of the prayer, the member was like, "Well, that was great, but you have to end by saying, 'in the name of Jesus Christ,' because he is the one who we speak through. It was a cool experience. We'll see.
Hector, the one who rescued us from the rain, is reading in the Book of Mormon, but is also getting a lot of bad ideas about the church (read: false ideas) from his brother. We are still teaching him though, we are just trying to get in with him. He is trying to set up a time for us to meet his we can have a smackdown or something. Not really sure. But, it is good that he is already sharing the gospel. :)

I think I experienced one of my favorite stories from my mission this week. As you know, we knocked doors a lot until we moved from Utuado. We spent two hours a day doing that, basically my entire mission. New mission president arrives and asks us not to knock doors so much. So, we complied with his request (not that it was that hard; this sun is intense here!). Anyway. Since we have moved to Guaynabo, we've knocked twice, both times because all our other back-up plans fell. So basically, we don't knock doors a lot. On Sunday we had planned to knock doors to be able to speak to a lot of people before the end of the week. Third time we've knocked doors since we got here. It was raining, and when it is raining, we don't knock because Puerto Rican's don't answer their door when it is raining. But it stopped raining right when we were going to start. Hermana Thomas and I both thought of the same place to knock, so we went over there. One of the doors we knocked, a guy came out, and long story short, he had a dream about us! I've always wanted to meet somebody who dreamed about missionaries! He said that he had dreamed the night before about meeting two women with an important message. As soon as he found out where the church is, he promised to come to church on Sunday. We're really excited to teach him. We have a cita scheduled for tomorrow, so I'll let you know how it goes. Just a lot of "coincidences," right? We are blessed as missionaries.

Last week we went to Old San Juan. It was so beautiful up there! We were planning on going back this week, but things are crazy here and we weren't able to. But, we'll make it up soon. We went to El Morro, which is the fort right by San Juan bay, and it was beautiful. I have a ton of great pictures, but I forgot my cable, so I'll have to send them next week. It was a lot of fun! We're definitely going there when you come down. Old San Juan is beautiful! It is all a tourist attraction, but I like it. The businesses have like, a building code there so they are all similar style, but different colors. The streets are lovely. I'm excited to bring you there.

Anyway, thanks for all you do and the love you send me every week!

Hermana Miller

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