The family got baptized on Saturday and they were confirmed on Sunday. It was so nice! They are going strong on the Word of Wisdom and are loving the gospel. A ton of people were able to come to the baptism, including Maria's sister from Bayamon, which I thought was really cool. We are really excited because people seem to be accepting them into the ward pretty well. Ben and his wife (You know...our friend from Buffalo), invited them over for dinner and also invited someone else over, which I thought was genius. They are going to be okay. We are really happy and excited for them. See attached pictures.

Hurricane Earl came through on Monday, but it was so far off shore that it was just a tropical storm here. It wasn't even that bad though. We went home a little early and had to make sure we had food and water etc., but if it ever came, it was after I had already fallen asleep. The whole day was especially windy and rainy (it was funny trying to see the birds fly...), but nothing more exciting than that. I hope to have a more exciting one than that before the end of the season, which is 1 November. :) (nothing too serious though...).

Sorry the letter is kind of boring, but that is mostly all that happened this week. But don't get me wrong...a baptism and a hurricane are both pretty exciting! It was a good week. We have tentatively planned to go to Old San Juan this week, and also to tie-dye shirts, which will both be bundles of fun. If we don't go this week, we're off that direction next week the week after...just going to go before my companion goes home.

I hope everything is well at home! Welcome back-to-school. :)


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