Dear family,

Things are going great. Another hurricane has passed by, Gaston. We were sad we didn't get to meet him...we've been singing the Gaston song from Beauty and the Beast all week. But, it was a good week, despite Gaston's noted absence.

One day we were walking around and we didn't bring umbrellas because it was a lovely blue sky with no rain clouds in sight. After a couple hours of walking though, we were on our way home and it was thundering. By the time we got about 2 blocks from our house, it started pouring, but really pouring. So, we run and huddle under a little branch near the sidewalk and we're just (well, I am just) kind of screaming, and then a minute later, we hear this whistle, and this guy sent his daughter out with an umbrella to get us. The umbrella blew inside out in the wind, and we all got wet, but they let us in to wait until it stopped raining. The family was really cool. I guess the dad lived in Chicago for a while and met missionaries up there, "but they didn't speak Spanish too well," he said, and he also said he went to church a couple times, and it was in English, so he didn't understand it. But, he invited us to come back and share with him, so we did the other day, and it was good. He seemed very interested in the Book of Mormon. We'll let you know how it goes

We had Stake Conference on Sunday, and the Solano family came. It was a really great meeting. I loved the Stake President's talk about knowing Christ and developing a personal relationship with him. One of the scriptures he shared was in 2 Nephi. He talked about how Nephi had such a personal relationship with the Savior and that he had made him his personal Savior. In the scripture, he refers to Christ as "my Jesus." It was a really cool scripture. After conference, the Solanos were invited over to Ben's house for dinner, so we were really happy that they went. We talked to them about the temple last night, and they seem excited. Maria seems concerned about how to get wise, but I'm sure they'll be fine. Plinio is still without a job (did I tell you he had to quit about a week after starting because he had his miniscus operated on several years ago and it was swelling with all the lifting, so the doctor told him to stop). We got him into LDS employment services, so he is working hard looking for anything he can do.

We are also working with this lady, Ivette. She is a grandmother, but a very young grandmother (she has hair that is darker and longer than mine...), and she seems really interested in the gospel. We have visited her twice already, and she read the reading we left with her. When we asked her how she liked it, she was like, "Oh, it was good." and that is where most people stop, but she continued, "You know, it was mostly just about what we talked about. The difference between the father and the son, the importance of baptism and also some about the authority...". It was cool that she had clearly read it. We are going back to visit her tonight, so we'll see how it goes. We're really excited to see her progress.

Hermana Miller

1353: us with our awesome tie-dye shirts. Hers turned out better, but it was a fun adventure together. We like making peace signs in all our pictures now.

1275: The family before the baptism. :)

1280: The family after the baptism, without Paula, the 2 year old.

1219: Our District: Metro District We are a huge district! (and coordinated!)

5274: This is me in front of our cottage. It really is a shoebox. But, we do have a washer. :) It is in Yaya's backyard, that is why it seems so country-ish.

5219: This is on Sunday Morning after the baptism; the jumpsuits were all out drying, and we decided to take pictures. It was kinda cool. I am really tired in this picture....

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